Dans Nouvelles

L’article de notre collègue Miloud Rezkallah, en collaboration avec d’autres chercheurs, vient d’être publié dans le journal MDPI.

Voici le résumé de l’article: Configurations, coordinated controller design and applications of various off-grid systems with distributed energy resources (DERs) for an uninterrupted supply, are presented in this paper. The performances for the optimal operation of a diesel generator (DG) in the presence of nonlinear loads, fuel-savings, voltage and frequency regulation, a soft and secure transition among different operating modes, an optimization, and power management control, are validated through simulated results and test results on the prototype to demonstrate the suitability of these configurations with natural energy resources (NERs) for continuous development in remote as well as in isolated locations.

Vous pouvez consulter l’article sur le lien: https://www.mdpi.com/1996-1073/13/18/4950