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Notre chercheur Miloud Razkella et son équipe de recherche viennent de publier un article issu d’une conférence qui a été présenté à la 2021 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting (IAS)

Titre: Performance Analysis of Low-Cost Configuration based on Single-Phase Inverter for Microgrid Application


In this paper, analysis and control design for a new hybrid PV/Wind/Battery standalone microgrid configuration with a reduced number of power converters, are presented. Furthermore, to achieve high performance from the wind turbine (WT) and solar panels (PVs) without sensing voltage, current, and rotor or wind speeds, new control philosophy, is applied. In addition, the cascade control structure is employed for controlling the two-switch buck-boost converter and the single-phase inverter to get the maximum power tracking from PVs, WT, and to ensure uninterruptible power supply to the connected loads with a constant voltage and frequency. The performance of the proposed low-cost configuration and their developed control strategies are validated by simulation using MATLAB/Simulink and in real-time using small-scale hardware prototype under the presence of severe conditions.