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Félicitations à notre collègue Miloud Rezkallah  pour sa contribution de trois chapitres dans le livre Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems and Microgrids.

Pour un avant-goût du livre :

Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems and Microgrids covers the modeling and analysis for each type of integrated and operational hybrid energy system. Looking at the fundamentals for conventional energy systems, decentralized generation systems, RES technologies and hybrid integration of RES power plants, the most important contribution this book makes is combining emerging energy systems that improve micro and smart grid systems and their components. Sections cover traditional system characteristics, features, challenges and benefits of hybrid energy systems over the conventional power grid, the deployment of emerging power electronic technologies, and up-to-date electronic devices and systems, including AC and DC waveforms.

Conventional, emerging and hierarchical control methods and technologies applied in microgrid operations are covered to give researchers and practitioners the information needed to ensure reliability, resilience and flexibility of implemented hybrid energy systems.

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