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Consultez la toute dernière publication scientifique de notre collègue Miloud Rezkallah dans IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications

Titre : Implementation of Two-Level Coordinated Control for Seamless Transfer in Standalone Microgrid

Résumé : This paper presents control strategies developed with two-level coordinated and double loop control for a standalone microgrid (SMG). The interfacing inverter is controlled to perform multi-functions. It incorporates the compensation for power quality problems at the point of common coupling and controls the voltage and frequency deviation to provide a constant voltage and frequency to connected AC loads in standalone and grid-connected operating modes. The power demand during battery charging and discharging is controlled using a buck-boost converter. To control overshoot and settling time while following a DC and sinusoidal references without losing control during the transition, proportional-integral and proportional-resonant controllers with optimal gains designs are reinforced by anti-windup feedback. To ensure a soft and secure transition, even under disturbances such as distortions and notches, an enhanced phased locked loop (EPLL) is used. The performance of this system is simulated in MATLAB and validated on a 2-kW laboratory prototype.

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